What is Integrative Financial Counseling?

It a practical and emotional approach to money. Meaning it is very “hands on” – we look at the dollars and cents, but also consider the whole person including their psychology. The first goal is to get our arms around your financial situation and then begin a process of self discovery while utilizing specific financial tools.

What is the Benefit?

Each person has their own specific results, but in general I see marked change in people’s peace of mind, self-esteem, spending habits, earning abilities, financial strategies, and relationships. I am continually impressed by the power of this work!

How is it Different from Financial Advising, Therapy, and Debt Counseling?

Integrative Financial Counseling is unique, because it bridges the gap between the financial realm and the emotional/psychological realm. It is similar to therapy in that it promotes self-awareness and uncovers underlying issues, but is not designed to take the place of traditional therapy. It addresses debt, saving, and earning, but does not include specific investment advice offered by financial advisors or quick fix/temporary solutions offered by many debt counselors.

Is it Confidential?

Absolutely! Confidentiality is a part of what makes the counseling feel safe and allows you to examine all aspects of your experience. Talking about money can be a challenge- knowing that it is private helps create an environment of trust and security.

How Long is the Process?

The process is tailored to each individual or couple. In general, people have two sessions (60 minutes each) a month. Some people want or need more sessions while others require less frequency especially as they move forward in the process. The goal is to create a process that meets your unique needs. Though many people report almost immediate progress and relief, Integrative Financial Counseling is not designed as a quick fix solution. To really make lasting change, it does not happen overnight.

Do You Work with Couples?

Yes! Money can be a huge source of conflict in a partnership. It is usually difficult to talk about and elicits intense feelings. Integrative Financial Counseling helps couples discuss and negotiate financial issues and create a healthy relationship to money.

Is Phone Counseling an Option?

For people who are not local, phone counseling is an option. I work with people all over the United States.

Do you struggle with compulsive spending?

Be in control of your spending, and consider asking yourself these questions before your next purchasing decision.

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