Therapists Considering Making a Referral

Integrative Financial Counseling is a powerful adjunct to therapy.  It addresses and works with money issues in a unique modality, different than psychotherapy, and is NOT designed to take its place.  The majority of my clients are currently in treatment and find that it is an excellent complement. As a psychotherapist, I am very aware of the complexities that can arise and encourage collaboration when appropriate. I welcome any questions you may have if you are considering making a referral.

Considering Financial Counseling for Yourself

I work with numerous clinicians on their own relationship to money.  I also assist them in setting up and maintaining their private practices.  Many clinicians struggle with the “business end of things” and with underearning in general.  I help them achieve clarity, organization, and empowerment as well as employ marketing strategies for a more lucrative and satisfying work life.  Some of the specifics in particular include:

  • fee setting
  • tracking expenses
  • marketing and promotion
  • creating forms
  • paying quarterly taxes
  • supplying 1099 forms
  • getting a business license
  • Danielle has given me the courage and support to step into my earning potential. She is a very positive role model.

    Terri Ciochetti, MFT