Couples seek “financial therapy” for a variety of reasons. For some, money is a highly conflictual even polarizing issue in their relationship. For others, one or both partners are vague and/or avoidant with money. And then there are couples who simply want to enhance communication, clarify goals, and learn to work with a spending plan.

No matter the reason, Integrative Financial Counseling offers a safe and professional environment where couples can explore, communicate, and implement specific tools. Unlike most other financial professionals or coaches, Danielle is a licensed psychotherapist formally trained and equipped to work with the complexities, dynamics, and feelings that emerge; she is also trained as a financial counselor so couples can achieve clarity with the numbers and meet their concrete goals.

Common complaints and concerns are:

  • The couple lives beyond their means.
  • They have different beliefs and associations about how money “is intended to be used”.
  • One person identifies as “the saver” and the other as “the spender”.
  • One or both feel out of control with spending.
  • Credit card debt is increasing.
  • Savings are being raided to pay for current lifestyle.
  • There is uncertainty or conflict over whether and how to merge their money.
  • Opinions on child related expenses differ.
  • One or both struggle with issues around earning.
  • They lack exposure to good financial habits.
  • They experience general confusion and vagueness about money.
  • When we first starting working with Danielle our finances were a mess.  We couldn't even have a conversation without it erupting into a fight.  Now we are working together as a team for the first time.  Our debt has stabilized and is starting to go down, we have regular money meetings together, and we've even started saving.  I cannot believe the progress we have made!

    Marie and Devon