Danielle Ray, MA, MFT

Heal your relationship with money

Do YOU Struggle With Any of the Following?

  • Increasing credit card debt?
  • Loss of sleep or excessive worry about your finances?
  • A sincere desire to earn more money, but the inability to do so?
  • A general sense of vagueness and confusion about your money?
  • A general belief, “I am bad with money”?
  • A feeling of being “out of control” with your spending?
  • A secret wish that something or someone will take care of you so that you won’t have to?
  • A small business that is more like an expensive hobby than a profitable business?

Integrative Financial Counseling Can Help You Achieve

Peace of Mind

Money Mastery

A Profitable Business

Relationship Harmony

Your Earning Potential

Control of Your Spending

  • I can't begin to thank you enough for the incredible work you are supporting me through.  The changes in me and in my life are visceral, concrete and dramatic!  I am so appreciative of your gentle yet firm guidance.

    Many many thanks!

    Emily Bookkeeper, Single Parent